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See How Neurofeedback Therapy Can Change Your Life

Neurofeedback therapy helps the brain change on a neurological level for long lasting results. This improved brain functioning results in attentiveness, feeling calm, and feeling content.

At Walker Therapy Services we are expert at treating a number of conditions such as PTSD, Personality Disorders, Dissociative Disorders, Depression, Anxiety, and ADHD through psychotherapy.

Sometimes couples get stuck not feeling heard or understood. This can contribute to feelings of loneliness or not being enough, leaving both parties feeling disconnected and unhappy.


Discover a Solution that Works

Neurofeedback Therapy

Neurotherapy is a treatment solution that teaches patients to alter their brainwaves in such a way that permanent changes to behavior and attention can occur. Using painless sensors attached to the head, Neurofeedback measures existing brainwaves and creates a statistical map of what needs to change.

Neurofeedback therapy can then create long lasting changes to the connections in the brain reducing or eliminating the impulsive actions associated with ADHD, lowering anxiety and depression, and more.

Stop Suffering

Neurofeedback Can Help You Start Living

For some sufferers of conditions such as ADHD, anxiety and depression, medications work to reduce the symptoms, but only while the medication is being taken. If the medication stops, the symptoms return. Neurofeedback therapy is an effective treatment that can eliminate the need for medications. While many of our patients begin their neurofeedback therapy while still taking their existing medications, they are able to lower the dosage as positive changes have been seen from the neurofeedback, and eventually stop taking the medications altogether.


Brain Training

From the Comfort of your Own Home

Our patients will usually undertake at-home Neurofeedback training 4-5 times a week, for 40 minutes each time, using FDA approved equipment. If the brain activity that requires changing is quite severe, more training sessions will be be needed, and it will likely be longer before positive changes are seen in the patient. Ultimately, neurofeedback training works at different rates for different people.


Neurofeedback as a treatment solution for ADHD and anxiety is entirely painless. Data is collected via external sensors placed on the head to measure brainwaves, and brainwave activity is measured in the same way during training sessions.


Neurotherapy is an alternative to powerful pharmaceutical solutions which often come with unwanted and often multiple side effects. Patients often start neurofeedback training while taking their mediation, but soon lower their dosage, or stop taking them entirely.


Medication works while it is being taken, but when the medication stops, so too do the positive effects. Neurofeedback therapy however can create new, permanent connections within the brain which means the effects of the neurofeedback can last indefinitely.

 See How Neurotherapy Can Help! Book a Free Consultation Today.

 See How Neurotherapy Can Help! Book a Free Consultation Today.

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 See How Neurofeedback Can Help! Book a Free Consultation Today.

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