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Parts and Memory Therapy is both a way of doing psychotherapy and a way of understanding the mind. It approaches therapy by suggesting the self is not unitary, but an agglomeration of many parts. This idea is not new and it is used in many therapies. This idea is particularly helpful when healing trauma and accessing painful memories.

Parts and Memory Therapy works through scientific means of utilizing memory reconsolidation to unlearn emotional responses to painful memories. This brings about change in behavior by neutralizing the emotional response to the trauma by breaking the experience down.


Our parts and memory therapy is painless and non-invasive, and works because of memory reconsolidation. Memory Reconsolidation is biologically different to extinction, and works by unlearning the way it responds emotionally to particular memories. After a Parts and Memory Therapy session, the traumatic memory can be completely neutralized and not be bothersome anymore.


Having something be traumatic at the beginning of a therapy session, only to have it resolved by the end is not only a powerful experience for the patient, but also for the clinician. There is a sense of relief that comes when trauma is healed. Parts and Memory Therapists see this healing on a regular basis.


Unlike heritage treatments involving drug dependencies, parts and memory therapy creates changes in neural synapses of the patients memory. This memory, at this point, has been permanently altered. Once a memory has been neutralized to a SUD of 0/10, it should stay and remain at a 0/10.

Start Healing Their Trauma

Medication for conditions such as PTSD, depression and more, only provide relief while the medication is being taken. Once medication stops, those symptoms return. Parts and Memory therapy involves treating some of the root causes of these symptoms by neutralizing the emotions stored in the memory.

Patients can start Parts and Memory therapy while taking their existing medications which can be reduced once positive changes have been seen and the client feels confident in their ability to maintain the change. This should only be done under the care of the prescribing physician .


Because trauma is emotionally learned, using techniques that take advantage of memory reconsolidation have an astounding effect on neutralizing the emotions from these memories. What was once a painful memory, can be akin to a history book, void of emotion.

Depression and negative self talk is also something that can be emotionally learned from painful experiences. Neutralizing the emotions to these memories is a way Parts and Memory Therapy can help alleviate depressive symptoms as a whole.

Anxiety is known to exacerbate physical symptoms and can cause flare ups in auto immune diseases. A pilot study has shown that symptoms of PMS reduced in 9/10 participants who underwent Parts and Memory Therapy. Less anxiety, means less triggers and less symptom intensity.

 See How Parts and Therapy Can Help! Book a Training Session today.

 See How Parts and Memory Therapy Can Help! Book a Training Session Today.

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Certification Requirements

One of the many great benefits to taking this training course it the certification that comes with it, upon successful completion of trainings 1 and 2.

 See How Parts and Memory Therapy Can Help! Book a Training Course Today.

Anonymous Participant

The P&M Therapy Level I workshop was incredibly useful!

Anonymous Participant

Very valuable training - moving the journey forward on the landscape of psychotherapy

Anonymous Participant

Thank you very much for having these trainings! I learned a lot and appreciate all your hard work. 🙂

Anonymous Participant

Very helpful training! I left feeling confident in my ability to try to incorporate this into my practice. I also felt I gained a lot of information for the price of the training. Totally worth it.

Anonymous Participant

I had a great experience. I did not know what to expect from an online workshop. I felt this was well-organized and presented with the information that was given. I feel excited to join and participate in the Level 2 course in the near future.

Anonymous Participant

Social Worker
I really enjoyed this training. One of the best ones I've attended in a long time. I definitely found the material to be useful in my practice and I am looking forward to learning more.

 See How Parts and Memory Therapy Can Help! Book a Training Course Today.

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